P4 Ep. 31 Matt Callison, L.Ac.

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In this Episode…

Matt Callison, L.Ac., returns to discuss his new textbook with Chad.


Matt Callison is a licensed acupuncturist, author of the Motor Point Index (MPI) Reference Guide and Sports Medicine Acupuncture: An Integrated Approach Combining Sports Medicine and Traditional Chinese Medicine. Matt is also the creator and head director/instructor of the Sports Medicine Acupuncture Certification (SMAC) program. In his discussion with Chad, Matt talks about his new Sports Medicine Acupuncture textbook, essential concepts acupuncturists should know to be a “sports acupuncturist,” and a very thorough assessment-to-moc-treatment of Chad’s Achilles tendinopathy.


Acusport Education & Sports Medicine Acupuncture Website

Sports Medicine Acupuncture Certification (SMAC) Program

Show Notes

  • Creating the Sports Medicine Acupuncture Book (4:15)
  • Book content: how to use the book, context, etc. (7:59)
  • How many injuries in the book (10:40)
  • Essential concepts acupuncturists should know to be a “sports acupuncturist” (12:58)
  • Highly detailed moc assessment and treatment of Achilles tendon tendinopathy (Matt assesses Chad) (15:42)
  • What is a “bulge” or hardening in tendon tissues? What is the conisistency of a callous? (32:28)
  • Direct moxa for Achilles tendinopathy (36:39)
  • Posture Analysis (37:20)
  • Foot and gait analysis (41:34)
  • Past knee issues (44:16)
  • Nerve entrapment (47:37)
  • Tissue palpation (49:30)
  • Treatment protocol for Chad’s Achilles tendinopathy (50:04)
  • Pelvic blocking (50:51)
  • Acupuncture as a “signaling system” (59:24)
  • Exercises for Achilles tendinopathy (1:02:24)
  • Alfredson’s eccentric lengthening/loading (1:03:33)
  • Closing remarks and teaser for future work (1:06:13)