P4 Ep. 30 Jenny Nieters, L.Ac., DACM

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In this Episode…

Chad Bong interviews sports acupuncturist, Jenny Nieters, L.Ac., DCAM.


Jenny Nieters is a licensed acupuncturist, doctor of acupuncture and Chinese medicine.  Jenny specializes in sports medicine, orthopedic injuries, and sports performance.  Jenny is the team acupuncturist for the San Francisco 49ers and St. Mary’s College Men’s Rugby.  Jenny also teaches sports acupuncture with Whitfield Reaves in Whit’s Sports Medicine Apprenticeship Program.   In her discussion with Chad, Jenny talks about mentoring and teaching part of the Sports Medicine Apprenticeship Program, the journey towards working with the 49ers, how to build a successful practice you enjoy coming to every day, and much more!


Jenny’s Acupuncture Website 

Sports Medicine Apprenticeship Program

Alameda Acupuncture Education Center

Jenny Nieters Instagram Page 

Show Notes

  • Jenny’s Mentors (4:19 5:38)
  • Jenny’s start with acupuncture (7:00)
  • Whit’s Apprenticeship Program and Assisting (11:47)
  • Transitioning from being the mentee to the mentor (15:55)
  • Experience treating St. Marys College Rugby (17:37)
  • Treating rugby players for the World Cup in San Francisco (20:48)
  • The journey towards working with the 49ers (23:08)
  • Kil-Young Yu (26:09)
  • Acupuncture for set-up with treating the 49ers (28:03)
  • Functional Movement by Peter Egoscue (30:28)
  • Focus on a well-rounded recovery and nutrition (31:59)
  • 49ers history with acupuncturists (32:38)
  • Jenny’s personal practice set-up (33:44)
  • The do’s and don’ts of building an acupuncture practice (35:33)
  • Insurance: is it worth being in-network? (39:40)
  • Specializing/Working with clients you want to be around (41:48)
  • The sports acupuncture community and the Sports Acupuncture Alliance (45:10)
  • Jenny Nieter’s mock-treatment protocol for  (46:48)
  • Professional players amazing recovery ability (56:48)
  • Jenny answers the typical question “How does acupuncture work?” (56:40)
  • The mystery of how these points energetics have worked (60:43)
  • The power of the bodies intuitive healing capabilities and the power of acupuncture (1:03:54)
  • Chad’s experience with bleeding Jing well points for MS (1:05:38)
  • Western explanation of bleeding Jing well points for increased flexibility (1:11:15)
  • Whit’s Apprenticeship program and Jenny’s classes updates (1:12:07)