P4 Ep. 29: Joshua Margolis, DACM, DOMTP

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In this Episode…

Chad Bong interviews orthopedic-based acupuncturist, Joshua Margolis, DACM, DOMTP.


Joshua Margolis is a licensed acupuncturist, doctor of acupuncture and Chinese medicine, and a diplomate of osteopathy.  Josh specializes in pain management and digestive distress using a combination of acupuncture and muscle/visceral manipulation.  Josh is a staff member and instructor at the Osteopathic College of Ontario.  Dr. Magolis posts information on acupuncture and bodywork on his YouTube channel. He has collaborated with former podcast guest, Jaime Chaves, L.Ac., creating a Lunch N’ Learn webinar series that can be accessed on YouTube (link in show notes on sportsacupuncturealliance.com).   In his discussion with Chad, Josh talks about this journey towards osteopathic medicine, the effectiveness of combining acupuncture and bodywork as a treatment strategy, the importance of understanding neurophysiology as a modern acupuncturist, and much more! Check out sportsacupuncturealliance.com/podcast for full access to show notes and links.


Josh’s Acupuncture Website

Josh’s YouTube Channel

Dr. Josh Margolis & Jaime Chaves Neck Pain Lunch & Learn Pt. 1

Dr. Josh Margolis & Jaime Chaves Neck Pain Lunch & Learn Pt. 2

Barral Listening Technique

Show Notes

Summary of SAA Summit 2019 (01:52)

Josh’s start with acupuncture (3:17)

Osteopathic College of Ontario (08:55)

Combining bodywork with acupuncture (13:06)

Josh’s mentors (19:27)

Changing from emphasis in herbs to acupuncture (22:14)

Learning Western neurophysiology (28:58)

Cranio-osteopathy (32:32)

Margolis’s practice (41:55)

Barral Institute Listening Technique (43:51)

Hemispheric-based symptoms (46:08)

Dr. Ayla Wolf (formerly Dr. Amy Moll) and Dr. Clayon Shiu (neurophysiology and modern acupuncture) (48:28)

Josh’s acute low back strain treatment example (57:03)

Counter strain technique (1:05:15)

Local or Distal Treatment (1:11:24)

Shoulder pain and association with the LR meridian (1:17:20)

Josh’s key to a successful practice and final thoughts (1:20:09)