P4 Ep. 28: Ash Goddard, DACM

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In this Episode…

Chad Bong interviews sports and orthopedic-based acupuncturist, Ash Goddard, DACM.


Ash Goddard is a licensed acupuncturist and doctor of acupuncture and Chinese medicine specializing in sports and orthopedic acupuncture. Ash Goddard runs the Nine Acupuncture & Chinese Herbal Medicine in Bellingham, Washington. Ash has played a pivotal role in integrating acupuncture into the greater medical systems in Washington and protecting acupuncturists’ scope of practice with the rise in popularity of “dry needling.” In her discussion with Chad, Ash talks about dry needling vs. acupuncture, maintaining the scope of practice, a call for national certification for sports and orthopedic acupuncture, and much more!


Ash Goddard’s Website

Ash’s Blog and Vlog

Show Notes

9 Acupuncture (02:44)

Ash’s start with acupuncture (05:05)

Specializing in sports acupuncture (10:28)

Practice set up (16:56)

Washington state dry needling debate (23:06)

The need for additional training (28:43)

Hour requirements for needling (29:51)

Speaking both easter and western medicine languages (34:09)

Explaining the difference between dry needling and acupuncture to patients (39:21)

Dangers with dry needling terminology (42:46)

New CPT code for trigger point needling (43:40)

Scope of practice for acupuncturists and PTs (46:47)

Knowing your limitations (53:46)

Mastery and specialization (56:31)

Modern terminology for acupuncturists (1:00:14)

Proposing a national board certification for orthopedic and sports acupuncture (1:01:31)

Summary of approaching dry needling vs. acupuncture (1:08:43)

Ash Goddard’s explanation of how acupuncture works (1:09:18)

Working with client’s varying pain tolerance (1:14:40)

Ash Goddard’s moc-treatment (1:16:09)

Orthopedic resources (1:20:18)

Asking patients “what are your goals for treatment?” (1:23:18)

Building patient and colleague rapport (1:29:05)

Closing remarks (1:31:26)