P4 Ep. 25 Hilary Patzer

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In this Episode…

Chad Bong interviews sports acupuncturist, Hilary Patzer, L.Ac., DOM


Hilary Patzer is a licensed acupuncturist and doctor of oriental medicine. She is the official sports acupuncturist of the Minnesota Vikings. Hilary is the owner of JADA studios, which specializes in sports acupuncture, neuro-acupuncture, and life & health coaching. In her discussion with Chad, Hilary talks about how she became the official acupuncturist of the Minnesota Vikings, her experience working with professional teams and medical staff, and the importance of mentors and business coaches.


Show Notes

  • Hilary’s Boston Marathon Experience (3:12)

  • Staying in the same region to build your practice Practice Management Skills (6:03)

  • Hilary’s start in acupuncture (10:10)

  • Choosing where to practice (19:45)

  • Mentors (22:17)

  • Seeking Help/taking up on help (27:16)

  • The advantages of having a business coach (27:48)

  • Choosing to specialize in sports medicine (36:30)

  • Working with the Vikings (42:02)

  • Communicating with Training and Medical Staff (47:01)

  • Challenges when working for professional teams (48:37)

  • Treatment style (55:43)

  • A brief discussion on concussions (58:20)

  • JADA Sports Medicine practice (1:00:53)