P4 Ep. 4: John Steinke Pt. 2

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In this episode…

Chad Bong Interviews Sports Acupuncturist and Herbalist, John Steinke


John Steinke is a Sports Acupuncturist and Herbalists.  Steinke’s main focus throughout his career involves investigating the combination of herbs and acupuncture for athletes in regards to sports injuries, concussions, and ergogenics.  Much of Steinke’s profound discoveries came through his time spent working with the San Francisco 49ers and endurance athletes. In part 2 of his discussion with Chad, Steinke discusses book recommendations,  treatment strategies for concussions,  his herbal company, and the future of Sports Acupuncture.

This is part 2 of 2 episodes.


Tango Advanced Nutrition

Maciocia- Channels of Acupuncture 

Dr. Lao- Wrist-Ankle Acupuncture

Jason Robertson- Applied Channel Theory In Chinese Medicine

Show Notes

  • Chad Bong Intro (0:31)
  • Chronic Injuries: Just Pain in the Brain? (1:00)
  • Experiential Points (4:43)
  • Book Recommendations (5:16)
  • Subcutaneous Acupuncture Treatment Theory (7:40)
  • Treatment Example: Tennis Elbow (13:37)
  • Body Mechanics: Prehab/Rehab (21:14)
  • Functional Movement Screening (23:52)
  • Viscosity of Blood in Aging/Trauma Process: West/East Perspective (26:11)
  • Tango Advanced Nutrition- Steinke’s Herb Company (33:18) (40:55)
  • Anti-Aging Herb Formulas (34:13)
  • Inflammation: A Delicate Balance (36:58)
  • Acute Injury Herb Formulas (39:04)
  • ICING: Good or Bad? (41:44)
  • Topical Therapy (45:31)
  • Steinke’s Definition of Qi (Spark in the Machine link) (46:09)
  • Harmonizing Eastern & Western Mechanisms (51:10)
  • A Call for Integrating Systems for Sports Acupuncture Progress (52:03)
  • National Sports Acupuncture Association (54:52)
  • Treating Concussions (59:03)
  • Alex Brazinski Closing (1:05:46)