P4 Ep. 2: Whitfield Reaves Pt. 2

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In this episode…

Chad Bong interviews Sports Acupuncturist, Whitfield Reaves


Whitfield Reaves is regarded as one of the pioneers of Acupuncture Sports Medicine in the United States.  Reaves is an author, teacher, and director of The Acupuncture Sports Medicine Apprenticeship Program.  In part 2 of his discussion with Chad, Reaves talks about his career after 1984 Olympics, teaching the first Sports Acupuncture seminar, and treatment strategies.

This is part 2 of 2 episodes.


Whitfield Reaves Website

The Acupuncture Handbook
Of Sports Injuries & Pain

Rhythms of Change: Reclaiming your health using ancient wisdom and your own common sense.

Philadelphia Sports Acupuncture


  • After the 1984 Olympics: Race Across America (1:05)
  • Teaching the First Sports Acupuncture Medicine Seminar 1986 (4:24)
  • Forming the National Sports Acupuncture Association (7:42)
  • NSAA Conferences and Speakers (9:42)
  • Relaunching NSAA (12:39)
  • Herbs for Sports Acupuncture Medicine (15:37)
  • Specialization and Building Network for Referrals (17:42)
  • Sports Performance Acupuncture Experimenting (19:43)
  • A Call for Sports Acupuncture Research(25:58)
  • Sports Acupuncture Today (26:36)
  • Apprenticeship Program (28:32)
  • Future of Sports Acupuncture (30:50)
  • Specialization Development (38:00)
  • Writing The Acupuncture Handbook of Sports Injuries and Pain (40:00)
  • Whitfield Addresses the Question: “How/Why Does Acupuncture Work?” (46:27)
  • Whitfield Reaves’ Definition of Qi (49:09)
  • Developing a Mentor/Mentee Relationship (50:34)
  • Treatment Example: IT Band Syndrome (57:19)
  • Books Plugs: (1) Mary Saunders (2) Whitfield Reaves/Chad Bong (1:05:54)
  • Alex Brazinski Outro(1:06:59)