Gua sha Practicum: Clinical Practice Methods and Technique (8 NCCAOM PDAs)

Instructor: Arya Nielsen, PhD

Time: Friday April 5th, 2019 8:00am-5:00pm

Description: This seminar is the hands-on portion of the Certification Course with Dr. Nielsen. Participants must have completed or be currently engaged with the online modules of Gua sha Certificate course (There is a sale on Gua Sha online module courses! Scroll to the end for more details) 

Clinical indications for Gua sha are discussed as well as guidelines for safe and adept application of the technique. Clinical indications include signs and symptoms as well as how to palpate to confirm sha is present and Gua sha is indicated. How to position a patient, how to position oneself, how to grip a Gua sha tool, what direction to press-stroke and how, are described. Details and practice of communication skills are as important as good hands for effective Gua sha. CDC compliant safety standards are reviewed for Gua sha instruments.

Learning Objectives

  • Clinical Indications
    • Signs, symptoms, Tongue and Palpation: how to check for sha
  • Preparations for treatment
  • Patient positioning
  • Practitioner position and tool grip
  • Press-stroking guidelines: angle, direction, stroke pressure and stroke length
  • Completion Guidelines
  • Patient communications

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