Welcome to the Sports Acupuncture Alliance. Registration for the 2018 Summit in the San Jose, California is now open! The keynote speaker will be Matt Callison. Guest Speakers will be Whitfield Reaves , Dr. Amy Moll, and Anthony Von der Muhll. Keep scrolling for more details on pricing, lecture content, and hotel accommodations.

Continuing Education has been approved for NCCAOM, Illinois, Florida, and California!!

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Warning!! The Group Pricing for the hotel ends on April 16th

Matt CallisonAssessment and Treatment of the Sinew Channels for Pes Planus (Foot Over-Pronation) and Its Relationship to Leg, Ankle, and Foot Injuries 

Foot pronation is a part of normal foot motion during gait and is regulated by an even balance in the sinew channels, especially the biao li channel relationships of the Kidney-Urinary Bladder and Spleen-Stomach sinew channels. When the foot is pronated…continue reading

Whitfield ReavesA Contrarian Approach to the Treatment of  Low Back Pain

In this class, Whitfield Reaves will explore his approach for the treatment of low back pain.  With his usual style, Mr. Reaves has distilled a complicated topic down to its simplest form and has created a highly effective treatment for a very common problem.  He will discuss diagnostics, assessment, and treatment…continue reading

Acupuncture Treatment for Athletic Performance

In this class, Whitfield Reaves will share with you his experience of treating athletes to help them reach optimal performance.  He has been fine tuning his performance protocols since his days of helping athletes prepare for the 1984 Olympicscontinue reading

Dr. Amy MollFunctional Approaches to Concussion Recovery

This course covers the fundamentals of a neurological examination that provide you with objective data by which to assess patient’s brain function and measure patient improvement. Regions of the brain and mechanisms…continue reading

Life After Impact: Understanding Concussions and Traumatic Brain Injuries

Gut disorders, chronic pain, headaches, insomnia, anxiety and depression – how many of your patient’s symptoms are actually a result of head trauma?…continue reading

Anthony Von der MuhllThe Missing Link: Stabilizing Joints along the Sinew Pathways Through Ligamentous Prolo-acupuncture

In this class, Anthony Von der Muhll will discuss anatomy, dysfunction, assessment, and treatment joints, sinew pathways, and ligaments.  He will take you through both the anatomical and the jing-jin (“sinew” or “myofascial” pathway) views of joints...continue reading

Introduction to The Missing Link: Stabilizing Joints along the Sinew Pathways Through Ligamentous Prolo-acupuncture

In this class, Anthony Von der Muhll will introduce his style of assessing and treating joint dysfunction.  He will discuss anatomy, dysfunction, assessment, and treatment joints, sinew pathways, and ligaments...continue reading

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    Q&A Panel with Speakers

    There will be a special Q&A panel with the speakers on Saturday. The speakers will discuss the secrets to building a successful sports acupuncture practice.

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    Continuing education units

    3-Day attendees will receive 21 CEU’s. 2-Day attendees will receive 14 CEU’s. CEU’s are approved for NCCAOM, California, Florida, and Illinois.

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    Full Day Lectures and Demonstrations

    We want you to feel that you have had ample amount of time and content from each speaker. Each speaker will have a full day of lecture and demonstrations. Friday, you have your choice between a lecture and demo by Dr. Amy Moll or Anthony Von der Muhll. Saturday will be a full day of lectures and demos by Matt Callison. Sunday will be a full day of lectures and demos with Whitfield Reaves.

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    3-Day Pass Bonus: experience lectures by both speakers!

    Having a tough time choosing between Dr. Amy Moll and Anthony Von Der Muhll for Friday? No worries! There will be a 1.5-hour lecture given by the speaker you have not selected for the majority of your day. This small lecture will be held between 3:30PM-5:00PM Friday.

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    Lunch Included!!

    Lunch will be provided for each day that you attend the conference.

2-Day Pass Full Payment

3-Day Pass Full Payment

Student Pass Full Payment


Hayes Mansion 200 Edenvale Ave. San Jose, CA 95136, US

The lectures and demonstrations will be held in the same location. You will receive a discounted rate for rooms for Friday, Saturday, and Sunday nights. Click on the button below to reserve your room.

The group pricing for the hotel ends on April 16th.


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